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Written By Todd Widom

I thought it would be very interesting for you to read about how athletes cure some ailments and how the bodywork specialists can get these athletes cured at an extremely fast rate compared to general medicine.  Being the son of a foot and ankle surgeon, when I was younger I would watch ESPN SportsCenter before school and be amazed how quickly some of the athletes could recover from injuries that looked quite severe.  While I was on the ATP Tour, I was often told by doctors to have an MRI, rest, ice, have injections, wear a boot on my foot, or have surgery.  This advice was from the top surgeons in South Florida that see elite athletes in all sports.  As a professional athlete, there is no time to waste guessing what an injury is and sitting at home resting while taking anti-inflammatory medications or having injections to mask the pain in hopes of recovering after a certain number of weeks.  (more…)

budget moneyWritten By Todd Widom

Junior tennis travel and playing in tournaments are very costly and everyone’s financial situation is different, which is why implementing a strategy for your child to play competitive tournaments without spending an exorbitant amount of money is imperative for many families.  One aspect that surprised me when I started coaching was the amount of tournaments the juniors players were playing.  Some of the juniors were playing as many tournaments as I did when I was a professional.  This is detrimental to the player.

A junior tennis player is much different than a professional player because a junior is still developing many skills in their game.  If the player is competing in tournaments too often, their development as a tennis player will come to a screeching halt.


e-learningWritten By Todd Widom

There is a new trend in tennis development with coaches convincing parents that pulling their child out of regular school and putting them into an online source of education is going to progress their child’s tennis at a more rapid rate.  Tennis is a big business and more hours for your child on the court equates to more money for the coach or academy.  However, more hours on the court does not mean that your child will progress faster or even progress at all, and it could even mean that your child regresses.  It is all based upon the quality of the training.  (more…)

tennis ballsWritten By Todd Widom

I think there is a misconception in the tennis world that you need to be playing with higher level tennis players, junior or professional, in order to become a higher level tennis player.  Level does not equal level.

If you want to maximize your potential, you need to put your blue-collar work ethic on and get to business.  (more…)

tennis shadowWritten By Todd Widom

If you have read some of my previous articles, I speak about how tennis is a never ending pursuit in trying to become the best you can be day in and day out.  The best tennis players I have ever been around go through this process in a disciplined manner each and every day they step on the court.  To go one-step further, there are players that are process based and there are others that are results based during the development phase of tennis.

Everyone loves a winner.  In order to consistently win at tennis, you have to continually improve, (more…)

tennis netWritten By Todd Widom

We have all seen it.  We go to a junior tennis tournament and there is a young kid playing and everyone is just in awe of this player.  They win so much and it seems like they are unbeatable at such a young age.  They may in fact be on a great path to becoming a great player or unfortunately they may not be.  Sometimes I even look at a particular young superstar and think when they get older, they are going to be in trouble, or I may think they are on the right path to do great things in tennis.  (more…)

tennis-ball-courtWritten By Todd Widom

I cannot speak for the rest of the country, but where I train my students in South Florida, there is an overabundance of tennis coaches and academies.  One month a particular player is with one coach and a month later they are with a different coach or even at a different academy.  They just cannot stay put and they bounce around to multiple coaches or academies.  This is a sure way to not have your child progress in tennis.   (more…)

tennis-silhouettesWritten By Todd Widom

As many of you read my articles, I too occasionally read articles pertaining to tennis on the internet or social medial.  There are times where I may agree with what is being said or taught but most often there are times where I may disagree.  Over the past few years, I have been reading about how the American junior tennis players do not play enough sets or practice matches.  In my previous articles, I emphatically state that each player should be trained differently and I do not believe in the cookie cutter mold.  Each child has a different brain, technique, physical capabilities and even talent level.

I have had some students come to me for training that have had such immense technical deficiencies that if they did not have countless hours of private time to work on certain shots or even movements, it would result with them being stuck at the same level of tennis for the rest of their tennis career.  These deficiencies do not dissipate by merely putting these students in practice sets or tournaments.  (more…)

EliteWritten By Todd Widom

There is plenty of information on the internet about how an ATP or WTA professional prepares for their upcoming season, but there is minimal information about how high level college players prepare for their upcoming seasons.  This past winter break I was very fortunate to have four very high level division 1 college players to train.  Two of the players are tops in the Ivy League, one is a very solid SEC player, and the other player is one of the top players on his team locally here in South Florida.

These players were coming off of taking some grueling final exams and for a few weeks their training was minimal.  If you have read one of my previous articles, no two tennis players at any level should be training the same way.  I do not believe in the cookie cutter mold since each player has different body types, athleticism, techniques, etc.  This situation is no different as each college player is treated differently in terms of how they are going to train and prepare in order to have a successful college tennis season.  This winter break training time of a couple of weeks was spent cleaning up specific areas of each athletes game, getting into great physical condition, and also making sure they were playing the proper game and patterns which will work for  each particular individual for when they are competing in their matches.


yell 1Written By Todd Widom

To become a high-level collegiate tennis player or professional, many times there is a tough parent or “crazy” parent as some would say, involved in the process.

I believe in tough love, which does not mean that you beat down the child mentally, but you explain and expect that certain things need to be done properly, and if they are not, there are consequences.  Isn’t that what life is about?  As a parent, if you make a big mistake at work, you may get fired.  If a player in college tennis makes a big mistake, they may get fired as well, which means thrown off the team and in some respects, thrown out of school.  (more…)

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