In my opinion Todd is a rarity because he has never compromised his vision and his beliefs in order to survive in a tough market.

My son’s last junior coach was Todd, he stayed with Todd the longest (3 years) and left his full time program to play for college. My son still uses every opportunity he has to hit with Todd, and they talk daily and remain close friends.

To our family Todd stands out for a number of reasons:

  1. Todd sees and understands the game like no one else I know.
  2. He is tough with his students yet he always believes that they are the best.
  3. He pushes his students every practice.
  4. There is visible structure and the goal for every practice, week and training interval.
  5. Todd loves tennis and he loves coaching, yet will not sugar coat anything, he feels that the player himself is responsible for motivation and the drive.
  6. Todd is perfect for advanced, self-motivated and hardworking junior/young adult player whose goal is to play tennis at a college/professional level.

- Elena Gitin, Parent of Junior and Collegiate Tennis Player

I have known Todd since he was 10 years old and it has been a great moment in my life being able to coach him and being part of his many tennis accomplishments. He has a good tennis foundation, from being # 1 in the USTA Boys 18 National Rankings , passing to being twice nominated All American, and reaching a ranking of # 200 on the ATP tour. Since his retirement , and with his tennis experience , he has already been a force in the development of various high performance junior and profesional players. He is one of the few best well kept secrets in coaching.
- Pierre Arnold, Tennis Coach in South Florida for 28 Years and Todd's Primary Tennis Coach

I have known Todd for about 14 years. Todd achieved his success on and off the court using sheer determination. His character and moral value allowed him to compete on the ATP tour against many of the worlds best players, enjoying wins at Grand Slams, Masters events, Tour events and challengers. Todd will apply his knowledge and experience of professional tennis to his pupils and impose high demands upon them. He is the type of person that will enhance the quality of his pupils lives and more importantly, will care about them.
- Stanford Boster, Former Coach of Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, Vince Spadea, Todd Widom and many other top ATP Professionals and ITF Players

I have known Todd for many years and he is both a friend and a confidant. Todd is extremely professional both on and off the tennis court. His tennis knowledge surpasses most of the traditional tennis coaches' way of thinking and I would encourage any aspiring college or professional tennis player to work with Todd to reach their highest potential. Todd has provided unique insight into my game helping me reach a top 100 ranking on the ATP World Tour and I strongly believe he can do the same for you.
- Michael Russell, Top 60 ATP Professional

Todd and I used to be practice partners for years. We used to have great battles in practice. He is as dedicated to tennis as anybody I know. A great tactician that really knows how to use your own stengths and exploit the opponents weaknesses.
- Benjamin Becker, Top 40 ATP Professional

Todd's experiences from his highly successful junior career, stellar college career and top 200 ranking on the pro tour gives him a unique perspective with his players. Todd's passion, honesty and devotion to his players is rare. I run a very successful tennis academy in Brandon, FL which has sent over 50 kids to college on scholarships over the last 10 years and I never hesistate to send my students to Todd for some invaluable extra training! I've known Todd since he was 10 and we were also teammates at The University of Miami and he always succeeds. If he has nearly as much success being a coach as he had in his tennis career, he will produce MANY great players! I would highly reccommend any serious junior players that are looking to play at an extremely high level to work with Todd!
- Andrew Golub, Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center Tennis Academy

For ambitious junior players, Todd Widom provides a proven, yet unique approach for players to maximize their full potential. With his wealth of experience battling the highest levels of junior, college and professional tennis, combined with his comprehensive program for physical and mental development, Todd can personalize a plan that sets him apart from other programs. I see all the positive attributes he learned as a player being passed down to his students. As a player Todd was relentless with every aspect of his game. He was exceptionally routine-oriented and set himself apart from more talented players due to his work ethic, practice regimen and physical conditioning. With his expanded expertise in body work, massage therapy and biomechanics, he is uniquely qualified to offer a program that is much more personalized and focused than the vast majority in the industry.
- Billy Pate, Head Coach, Princeton University

Todd is one of those rare individuals who tackles all endeavors with 100% effort and dedication. He has distinguished himself at the junior, college and professional levels and he has the experience and expertise to give appropriate advice at each step along a tennis player's journey. He makes the development of his students priority #1 and he takes any and all failures to excel personally. I unequivocally recommend Todd Widom as a coach for any serious young tennis player.
- Ian Duvenhage, Head Coach, Vanderbilt University

Todd's tennis experience and education will give him a unique perspective as he can relate extremely well to the demands of a professional lifestyle. In addition, Todd's passion for athletics and commitment to helping others will be cornerstones as he expands his business model.
- Brad Dancer, Head Coach, University of Illinois

I have known Todd Widom for over fifteen years. As a player he was someone who maximized his athletic abilities because of his great understanding of the physical, technical, and competitive nature of the sport of tennis. His experience as one of the top US juniors, as a collegian,and finally as a professional player will be invaluable as a coach. I am excited to see the players that he can produce in the next several years.
- Dennis Emery, Head Coach, University of Kentucky

Todd brings the same motivation and effort to maximizing his players’ potential as he did when he was playing on tour. I have full confidence in his ability to improve my game and recommend him to any player at any level looking to get to their best.
- Lauren Albanese, Top 160 WTA Professional

Over the summer I worked with Todd to prepare me for SEC tennis at the University of Arkansas. We practiced twice a day, along with a group of very talented and hardworking players. The practices were very intense along with the fitness, and I left prepared and more than ready for collegiate tennis.
- William Albanese, Collegiate Tennis Player, University of Arkansas

I started working with Todd about 2 years ago, and he has completely helped take my game to another level.  He is the toughest, yet most understanding coach I have ever worked with.  Every day when I go to practice with him we have a purpose.  Whether I am going to do dead ball drills or point-play, Todd is going to make sure I am doing all the right things and having full intensity and focus.  One of my favorite things about Todd is his ability to pick apart my opponents.  Before every match I play he will give me a specific strategy on how to play the opponent, so that all I have to do is execute it.  It is no wonder that he was a top professional player.
- Kyle Mautner, Junior and Collegiate Tennis Player, University of Pennsylvania

I cannot begin to say enough positive things about Todd. I am the father of a high school senior who has trained with Todd full time for 2 years now. My son is a serious, nationally ranked player and Todd is perfect for any player with high goals. Todd understands how to structure a training program to specific to each different player and situation. Todd is perfectly in tune with the technical side, the physical side, and most importantly the mental side of tennis. The fact that Todd is still young, makes a perfect situation where the training is contemporary and the players relate so much to the coach. Todd has my son’s full attention and respect. Todd makes the training hard and challenging, but also fun.
- Eric Mautner, Father of Kyle Mautner

Todd Widom is the ultimate tennis professional. I've known him since he was a young junior player. When my son was old enough to benefit from Todd's ATP experience, it was a no brainer. My son was worked hard and given the information he needed to improve.
- John Olson, Father of Lars Olson

I wish I had come to Todd years before I did, after training with him for only a few months not only did I see a huge difference in my game but so did everyone else after I returned home. Todd is the ultimate professional who trains high quality players and is always willing to spend extra time with you on anything you need. Not only is he an expert in tennis coaching but is also a great fitness coach. Todd is the best coach I have worked with in my 13 years of playing tennis and I wish I had started working with him sooner.
- Lars Olson, Junior Tennis Player