The Miami Hurricane

by The Miami Hurricane

The University of Miami men's tennis team has had a tough season. Coming into this weekend, the Hurricanes sit at 8-8 overall, but they have had one bright point — the play of freshman Todd Widom.

Widom has been ranked as high as No. 12 in the nation and he currently sits as the No. 16 player in the country. Widom is 14-2 in league play, which is no easy task.

"Todd has been a very pleasant surprise. Going 14-2 is not easy to do," said men's tennis coach Jay Berger.

Perhaps the biggest surprise about Widom's success comes from Todd himself. Widom knew he was a very good tennis player, but he had no idea that his success would come so soon.

"I didn't have many expectations coming into the year," said Widom. "I didn't know where I was going to be in the lineup."

Widom's tennis success started well before the University of Miami. His favorite sports memory is from high school, when he won the National Claycourts in Kentucky while having the entire crowd against him.

"All I had was my mom and a coach there. I had to battle a rough crowd and it made winning so much sweeter. . . I am definitely a fighter, I never give up," said Widom about his victory in the National Claycourts.

The J.P. Taravella high school graduate from Coral Springs, FL has taken his tennis game to Miami, where he is just grateful for the opportunity that Miami has given him.

"Todd happens to be one of the nicest guys you'll meet," Berger said. "He appreciates this opportunity at the University of Miami. He takes nothing for granted and works hard every single day."

Widom does not have many expectations, but he does have some goals that he set for himself. First, he wants the team to win. As far as for himself, Widom has accomplished the goals that he set for himself as a freshman at UM.

"I wanted to be an All-American as a freshman and I wanted to play in the NCAA Tournament," said Widom.

Widom will represent UM in men's singles at the NCAA Tournament. As the No. 16 player in the nation, he will be a definite threat to come home with the singles title. Perhaps the best thing about Widom on the tennis court is that the best is yet to come. He will continue to improve and will be even better for UM next season.

"I expect him to dominate college next year," said Berger.


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