About Todd Widom

I am a former ATP player now working as a private tennis coach in Broward County, Florida. Beginning at the age 7, I had the good fortune to grow up under very favorable conditions to become a world class tennis player. While my journey from junior to professional cannot be fully described unless experienced, I herein attempt to do that.

Competing in USTA junior tennis from South Florida (1989-2001), I obtained a #5 ranking in US Boys 16's and, in 2001,  held the # 1 ranking in US Boys 18's. That success earned me a full athletic scholarship from the University of Miami.  While at UM, I was named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the team and conference and earned the All-American status during both freshman and sophomore years while playing in the #1 singles slot. After reaching the semifinals of the NCAA tournament in 2003, I felt that it was time to test my skills and abilities on the ATP Tour. 

Although difficult at times, the ATP Tour was extremely rewarding, and the life experiences I received while traveling the world for 6 years were priceless. Due to multiple injuries, my career was cut short and I retired following the 2010 Australian Open.  

I have continued my passion for tennis and coach high-level junior tennis players who aspire to be collegiate and/or professional players.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had an unusual combination of supportive family and an excellent coach from an early age and throughout my playing career. Being obvious to me that I was receiving exceptional guidance, I remained with coach Pierre Arnold throughout my tennis career. The morals and work ethic he instilled in me are what I live my life by every day, as well as try to pass along to my students.  In addition to Pierre's teachings, I also profited from coach Jay Berger at Miami and, later, from competitors on the ATP tour. What I preach is what I learned from the best tennis players and coaches in the world.

As a private tennis coach, I focus my attention upon a select, few students which, I believe, is the best way to produce top-notch players. The benefits and results of personalized coaching in a small environment are far superior to training at a tennis academy.  I oversee the development of each child. There are currently no assistants so when you sign up to train with TW Tennis, you have my full attention to the needs of the player. This is critical for a player trying to attain their optimal level. This is not a large system or tennis academy. TW Tennis is a serious tennis program run by a former tennis professional putting in the necessary hours for each and every student. Private attention is the only way to reach your full potential as the program’s results speak for themselves.

Under my personalized approach, every workout -- be it tennis or physical fitness -- is geared towards the needs of an individual; each player has different abilities and a different physique. While elite, competitive tennis can only last so long, a player's body needs to last a lifetime. My personalized coaching encompasses every aspect of tennis development: strategy, technique, mind, nutrition, fitness, and heart. I take tremendous pride in my work and have a strong desire to guide junior players to reach their fullest potential. Under the right developmental conditions and with hard work, the chance to attend an excellent university for both tennis and learning and/or become a top-notch professional tennis player is possible.

Colleges attended by TW Tennis Students since the summer of 2010

  • Princeton University

  • Brown University

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Wake Forest University

  • University of Miami

  • University of Arkansas

  • University of Tennesse

  • Florida Atlantic University

  • Lynn University

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